Are You Taking Too Much In?

This article is supposed to work as a good tip for you, if you are anything like me, and just as well as a reminder for myself.

I love to consume a lot of different information: blog posts, podcasts, books and documentaries. I tell myself, it’s good for my brain and for my future to be wiser. My biggest problem is, that I honestly enjoy it more, to put information into my head, than I do to put something out. Most of the time, I rather just read books all day, and never talk to anyone about it. I guess you could call me introvert.

I feel the same kind of resistance to express myself, that Steven Pressfield talks about in his book The War Of Art.

However, expressing what I learn in all these books and podcasts, is kind of the whole point of consuming them in the first place – so potential clients and business partners can see what a knowledgeable guy I am. The rule for me should therefore be, that I have to put something out there, every time I take something in. Every time I read a new book, I write a new post, for instance.

I look at my father, who spent his whole life becoming a super smart guy from reading several thousands of books. He is a very enthusiastic reader. The problem is, he never found a way to talk about what he learned from all the books, so he have just worked a normal job all his life, while all this wonderful knowledge have been sitting in his head for all these years. Nobody know about how smart he is – except for people close to him.

It has never been easier to find a way to express yourself than now. So if you like to become smarter and wiser, like I try to do every day – you need to find a way to communicate it out somehow. This way, you might end up being able to make a living of being the smart version of yourself. Or at least, you will be able to pass on the information to someone else.

Choose whatever form you like: video, audio, text – doesn’t matter – just tell the world about what you know. To me, the definition of great art, is to take a lot of stuff in, mix it up and combine it in a new way – then you put it out.

It is much much easier to take stuff in, than to put it out there, (at least for me), so start now and practice. It will get easier over time, like anything else.

If you don’t put anything out, nobody can ever know what you know. You might as well not have learned it.


Are you taking too much in, and putting nothing out there?

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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