The Ultimate Recipe For Wasting Life

I have to be honest with you; I really don’t like my current, full-time job. The job is very unfulfilling, and my boss is a jerk, so you can imagine how it makes me feel, to spend most of my waking hours at the office.

However, taking this job as my first real “adult” job has taught me some very valuable lessons.

Among many things, having a terrible job will teach you how to be super aware of how you spend your money, since you are ultimately exchanging hours of your life for objects and services.

Therefore, you will begin asking yourself: in which cases am I spending my money on stuff that doesn’t make me happy?

Of course, you might have a job that you actually like – I am not blaming you for that, but that changes everything in terms of how you should spend your money. And it leaves us with four differents scenarios:

You can either:

  • Make money in a way you love, and buy stuff that you love
  • Make money in a way you don’t enjoy, and buy stuff that you love
  • Make money in a way you love, and buy stuff that you don’t enjoy
  • Make money in a way you don’t enjoy, and buy stuff that you don’t enjoy


In a perfect world, all purchases are made the first way.

The second scenario can make some sense, because the thing you buy and love, might actually bring you some joy and make up for the fact that you don’t otherwise love your work-life.

Thirdly, if you buy crap for money that your loved making, it is not really a catastrophe, because the whole process wasn’t a  complete waste of your time/life.

The remaining fourth option, is what I believe is the ultimate recipe for wasting life:

Buying stuff that doesn’t make you happy, with money you earned with a job that doesn’t make you happy.

Nothing could be worse than allocating your resources (time/money) this way.

However, I believe that this is exactly how a lot of our resources are spent in a western society. I know a lot of people who are spending most of their days at a job they don’t like, and go out and spend most of their money on stuff they think will make them happy. But sadly, this rarely turns out to be the case.

It is really rare that the stuff you buy makes you truly happy. So be careful with what you exchange unenjoyable working hours for.

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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