Think Drinks: A Review & Recommendation

I often think of smart drugs, like I think of playing Black Jack at a casino. Not because it is a gamble to take them, but for another reason.

When you play Black Jack, you need to put the minimum required amount of money on the table, for every round you are sitting in. You are statistically more likely to lose than win every round you play, so if you constantly bet the same amount, you will lose everything in the long run.

The game is therefore all about guessing, which rounds are going to be your lucky rounds, and herein bet some extra money so you compensate for the damage taken in the other rounds.

Life is like that. You need to attend life in every second you are living it, but you also need to figure out, which moments count the most and then bet extra on yourself when they appear. A job interview could be an example. You always want to bring your A-game in that situation (bet more on yourself), and then you can go home and relax afterwards (bet less).

You put extra chips on the table in life, by showing up prepared: sleep well, study your subject, train, think hard about it, visualize……… and take smart drugs!

Smart drugs are just another chip, you put on top of your betted stack, when you feel like it is time to win.

It is a tool you can use, to make a greater impact in high stakes moments.

The market for smart drugs has become increasingly easier to navigate as a consumer these last years. Products like AlphaBRAIN and CILTEP, which I have endorsed on the blog before, are examples of smart drugs, that are wrapped in trustworthy brands, that lets the users feel safe while taking them. They have done this, by mentioning in their marketing, how natural their products are – AlphaBRAIN contains the plant Huperzia Serrata and CILTEP contains Artichoke Extract.

But the world of smart drugs, is actually much larger than just exotic plants. There is a whole plethora of synthesized chemicals out there, you can take to enhance cognitive performance, however, this is a field, where a lot more homework is required of the user, as he/she needs to know what is dangerous and ineffective.

There is especially one group of synthetic smart drugs, that stands out as being effective, well-tested and safe, which is:


The Racetam Family

Some of the most well known members of this group are Aniracetam, Piracetam and Oxiracetam.

Human studies have shown that they are able to:

“enhance learning in students or prevent against cognitive decline. Like all racetams, they are synthetic molecules that is not found in food sources or in nature.” (

The racetams is a complicated field to begin to look into. There are many different variants beyond the ones mentioned, new type gets invented all the time, plus, there is even a lot of discussion about, how you might need to pair racetams with another thing called choline, because they deplete this in your brain.

The optimal dose can even be tricky to determine!


Skærmbillede 2014-12-22 kl. 14.51.05This is where the Think Drinks from Trubrain, that I would like to introduce you to, comes into the picture. They are the first company, that I know of, that has been able to marked the some of the more synthetic smart drugs in a more trustworthy manner. They have teamed up with neuroscientists from UCLA, in order to make the most safe and effective combination of smartdrugs, so you can just take them and get on with your day, instead of wasting it on researching.

They have chosen to use Oxiracetam in their products, which I see as the main ingredient, and they have even added choline to their drinks, so you don’t have to worry about that either. For good measures, you also get some more natural compounds via their products, like magnesium and L-theanine (from green tea – gives you a calm focus, by increasing alpha waves), so you’ll get the best from both worlds.

What I like about it, is that it doesn’t try to be “natural” like all the alternatives.

It just wants to be effective!

My review

My experience with Think Drinks from TruBrainAs I said, I have almost tried all widely commercially available smart drugs on the market by now, and to me, Think Drinks beats them all! (trust me, I have affiliate links to all of them, so I have no economic incentive, to recommend them over others). I am not sure, that the manufacturer would like me to say this, but the products gives me a pretty buzzy and hyper feeling – even when I take the ones without caffeine.

I usually experience brain fog in the end of my day at work, to the point where I cannot do anything meaningful the last hour of my work day. But Think Drinks eliminate this for me completely, when I take one after lunch!

They even taste really great, which I had never expected!

I am sure, I will be talking more about them, here on the blog in the future, when I will keep on trying to solve people’s productivity issues.

Try them out for yourself!


Please note, this blog is sponsored by TruBrain, and you would help me out a great deal, by clicking this link and order a batch of Think Drinks for yourself. I guarantee, you won’t regret it!

Thank you

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