Is wifi dangerous? And what to do about it

Should you be nervous about the constant exposure to wifi signals, we are all subjects to now a days? I will explore this subject in this article, and tell you, how you can mitigate the whole issue in an automatic fashion.

I really started to think about, what kinds of effects long term wifi-exposure could have on my body, after reading this article from Mark Sisson (who’s health advice I take very seriously).

And when you read articles like this, and delve deeper into the research, you realize, that there doesn’t just comes nothing bad out of being subjected to these signals all the time.

On the other hand, you would probably live a pretty unproductive live, if you wouldn’t accept some wifi in your life – and unproductiveness is the complete opposite of the philosophy I promote on this blog.

So you have to find a compromise!


“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives 
you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!” – Brain Tracy

A lot of health experts like Jack Kruse and Ben Greenfield (which I both respect very much), recommends to install a “kill switch” next to your bed, so you can turn it all off by hitting the switch.

What I don’t like about that, is that you have to remember to do it, which will cost you a bit of mental energy everyday, plus, you will probably forget to it every other day.

Therefore I recommend using a simple outlet timer. You will set it once, and then you can forget about it again.

outlet timer

You program it to a time interval, where you know with certainty, you will not be using your wifi in your house. Let’s say for example from 1 am to 5 am.

This will give you:

  • A lot of sleeping hours every night without any wifi exposure
  • Saving on your electrical bill
  • A guarantee that the kids won’t be surfing the internet all night.

An there’s your automatic solution guys!

Thank you very much for reading todays post.

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I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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